What Are The Different Dumpster Sizes?







Choosing and Picking the right dumpster size really has to be determined by the scale of your project. Dumpster rental sizes are measured in cubic yards. This indicates the volume of junk or debris that the container can hold.

Gaining an understanding of the specifications will help you select the right container for your project. Dumpster Sizes can start from 2 yd to 8 yds. A medium scale project can be matched by a 10 yd to 20 yd dumpster. For large scale renovation or commercial demolition, a 30 yd to 40 yd dumpster might be more appropriate.

No matter your dumpster needs, San Antonio Dumpster Dudes is ready anytime to help you with your waste management. As we know, handling the dirty work is not easy for most people.

Different Dumpster Sizes


As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of dumpster sizes available for use, though the availability of these variants depends from company to company. 

Let us dig in deeper to explore the various dumpster rental sizes starting with the smallest 2 cubic yard & 4 cubic yard dumpsters. These sizes usually are for those small scale projects or businesses with less junk output but still need regular trash collection. Smaller sizes also mean improved maneuverability and can fit in tight spaces.

6 cubic yard & 8 cubic yard dumpster sizes are usually rented out if your business or project can rack up a lot of junk. Companies running grocery stores, companies with more than 20 employees, warehouses and even home renovation projects may benefit from dumper size like these.

By doing home renovation or DIY projects will surprise you as you will find out that you have unwittingly turned your home into a mini warehouse. Disposing of the generated junk over the years will not be an easy feat if you are not going to rent out a 10 cubic yard to 20 cubic yard dumpster. Clearing out your garage, attic, disposing of unnecessary equipment or tools when moving out or even just removing some dirt in your own yard may be a tedious job if you do not have a designated dumping point.  

The largest dumpster rental sizes that we have available are the 30 cubic yard & 40 cubic yard dumpsters. These are typically used for large scale renovations or demolitions, complete office or warehouse cleanout, roof replacements, large scale landscaping that may need moving of large amounts of dirt, house cleanout and yard landscaping to name a few. 

Remember that you are not allowed by law to fill-up the dumpster to the point where it is overflowing. Extra charges may also be incurred if the weight of the junk exceeds the weight allowance. Junk are weighed in at the recycling facility or landfill so be cautious with regards to these aspects as they include legal repercussions.


The cost of dumpster rentals depends on a case-by-case basis. What the company is offering will be reflective of its services and credibility. Price also depends on what materials your junk would consist of. However, prices depend most on the dumpster size you want to rent out and the seamless service the rental company offers.

San Antonio Dumpster Dudes offers a competitive price range for our services. That being said, our prices adjust depending on your preference so you are assured that there will be no extra or hidden charges. The process of finding a dumpster rental is not an easy task and if you have questions that need professional advice, we would gladly put you in the right direction.


​​With the different variants of dumpster rental sizes and some of their typical use mentioned above, you can now decide on what you actually need. The next step should be canvasing out different rental companies to find out and match the right services for you.

Luckily, you live in San Antonio Texas so you don’t need to look any further. San Antonio Dumpster Dudes has dumpster sizes from 5 cu/yd up to 40 cu/yds. Our professional crew coupled with a value for money price range, our one stop shop waste management company will take care of your junk problems easily.

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